Joan Rivers Finally Finds out there are Things Plastic Surgery doesn’t Fix


Most people probably know Joan Rivers more for her plastic surgery rumors and scandals than her illustrious career as a comedienne and as a host on TV. The one thing that Joan could really stand out with was how she would take a crack at other people and make a laugh out of it. The bad news is that this will never be enjoyed again since Joan Rivers has passed on at the Age of 81.

Joan Rivers whose previous name was Joan Molisnky started her career in the 1960’s and has since then grown to become one of the fiercest and most brutal comedians in Hollywood. She had a knack of picking at her fellow celebs and making fun of them until they just had to join-in in the laughter. Aside from this before her death, she was also a host at E! TV show Fashion Police and she was currently tearing into what celebrities had worn in the just concluded MTV and Emmy’s awards.

The only thing that one can say Joan loved more than making people laugh was her love for plastic surgery. This was very evident by her outspoken nature about it and her very unrealistic looking face. However, you have to give credit to her and her doctors because as much as there were signs that she had distorted her face beyond recognition, no one would have thought that she was actually 81 years of age.

After her death the clinic which was doing the procedure that possibly led to her death has been left on the hot seat as a number of government organizations are turning their eye in its direction and its already being investigated. The truth of the matter is if they played any role in her demise, they should get what is coming to them.