Prince George Could Be Getting a Sibling


Before little Prince George can even learn saying, “Your Majesty,” he will be becoming a mentor to his soon to be born brother or sister. Yes, you heard (or rather read) that right. Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William seem to be on a baby making spree and are rumored to be having another one on the way, even though this is yet to be confirmed, it has been said that the beautiful Kate Middleton has been experiencing a severe case of morning sickness and if you can manage to get the pronunciation right (a good number of great reporters have failed) Hyperemesis Gravidarum is the type of morning sickness that Kate has been having trouble with.

This same type of condition is the same one she had when she was pregnant with Prince George. While this might be great news for the couple, it may not be for those that are hoping to gain the reigns of royalty like Prince Harry since the newborn will push them further back on the lineage of getting the kingship. However, the young lad does not seem bothered by this and when asked he simply answered with’ “Even better.” He seems quite satisfied with what he has got. After all, he is as close to the reign as anyone could ever be.

While it could be expected that young Prince George could have a playmate and perhaps someone to offload the attention he has been getting on the media, the rest of the UK does not sound so enthusiastic about the news. Even though happy, most people are not exactly ecstatic about it and running around like it’s the second coming of Christ like it has been the case in the past. In fact, most of them are downplaying the whole issue and one guy went on as so much to reply with, “So?” when asked if he knew that Kate Middleton was pregnant. His more lengthy answer was, “Women get pregnant every day, there’s nothing special about that.” While there might not be something special with the pregnancy, there could be something different with the child that will come out of it even if not now but the day he or she clinches the top sit, people will remember this day.

The nation might not be paying attention. This could be a good sign that the tough economic times have made a lot of people have to re-strategize and pay attention to other things but one thing is for sure. The media is taking the story and running with it and it is rumored that there is a media house that is set to make a cool $16,000 from covering this story. Let’s wait and see how much more they will make once the child is born!