Gynexol cream for ‘man boobs’

It is a condition dreaded by men of all ages – except of course the minority club of she males who feel more feminine than male but also prefer an all female chest – having protruding breasts or Man boobs is actually a medical condition called gynecomastia. A quick search on any search engine will reveal that it is not an exception but a condition that over 30% of the male population are grappling with across borders.

The good news is that it is fully reversible and treatable, with medication in cream, tablet or even surgical. All have been proven to work but tablets work slow and surgeries are risky and of course much more expensive than the preferred creams.

Gynexol cream made from 100% natural products is therefore your best bet for that ideal male figure of a firmer and more defined chest. It is a great alternative to painful surgery and just as effective as the slow working tablets.


Gynexol cream contains aloe vera extracts which can metabolize fat present at great speeds and Ginko boa which promotes oxidation and increases the metabolic rate by enhancing blood circulation.

Man boobs or gynecomastia can be caused by disorders like klinefelter syndrome or inherited. Breast tissue feeds on estrogen hormones which are to women what endrogen hormones are to men, both hormones are present in either gender but an imbalance , however caused will give you those ugly, confidence buster boobs.

Applied by massaging once daily on the affected area, gynexol cream works by shrinking the fat deposits surrounding breast tissue and thereby reducing fat suface area. You actually feel the difference in your chest as it starts tightening and the size of the breasts reduce.

Compare that to months of pain encountered after a risky surgery, which could leave scars if performed unprofessionally or incase it goes wrong and gynexol cream presents an all but perfect way to rid you of those ugly and uncomfortable fats.

The cream is widely available from quite a number of third party websites, but with the risk of unguaranteed quality, the safest bet is to buy from the official gynexol website –

At gynexol you are not only assured of the original quality product but you get a money back guarantee if unsatisfied, and with an offer price on a 3 or 5 month supply batch, giving a further discount on individual tubes, the price is unmatched and therefore a great bargain

It may be you or a man you love – man boobs are unsightly but treatable, order now for your gynexol prescription and get started with results showing in under four weeks but could take anywhere between three to five months for the complete effect.