iPhone Six Finally!!


So, the giant phone maker is set to release the iPhone 6 officially. With all the leaks that have been going around, it is safe to stay that most people have a good idea of what the phone will actually look like. Regardless, we are talking about Apple here and people are usually willing to dish out a lot of money for gadgets that are made by this company. On Tuesday, apple was officially announcing its release of the much awaited iPhone 6, however, it is worth saying that the leaks downplayed the phone.

The iPhone 6 will come in three colors. Gold, white and a shade of grey. Well, this is what you get from Apple’s uniqueness. The phone will also come in two sizes. One will have a 4.7 inch display (perhaps for the Apple die hards that want the latest technology in an old shell) and a larger than life not to mention a first for the iPhone line of gadgets a 5.5 inches display. The latter is perhaps meant for those enthusiasts that have been scratching at Apple to have larger screens on their phones and Alas! their prayers have been answered.

Even though we are still waiting on the company to confirm the leaks and give headway on what could be the most revolutionary gadgets in current times, the leaks have given us an inside look of what to expect. For starters, the iPhone 6 is expected to be Apple’s thinnest model so far even though they are not known to make the slimmest phones. And it will also boasts of a great variety of features that will put Apple back in the fore front in the world of cell phones.

The company is also expected to unleash a variety of other cutting edge technology toys like the iWatch that has been for a long time been rumored to be in the making and whose leaked photos appeared on the internet a few hours ago as well as a new operating system the iOS 8. This is a lot of stuff to be released for one day and Apple expects a massive turnout at the event. This time, they have even hired a bigger venue to do their hosting. The sad part is that Steve Jobs will not be doing the presentation. Rather it will be Tim Cook and it will be his first time. Let’s hope nothing steals the headline from the iPhone and its line of accessories.