Esther Arunga’s Drama like Life Continues to Unravel

So, it started with a lot of hoola baloo in Kenya with Esther and her husband throwing the whole nation into a state of disarray. They then made a quiet exit into Australia where they have been living for quite a while now. During their departure, Esther’s husband Quincy Timberlake vowed to compete in the 2017 election and give Kenya a new leaf. While at the time this looked like a far-fetched dream, it is now becoming impractical. This is after Quincy was arrested over the recent death of their son.

However, this saga does not seem to end and Esther herself has landed in the same hot soup as she was arrested by the Australian Police on Thursday and is waiting to be charged. Initially, the couple stated that their son died after he sustained injuries during a fall down the stairs when he was playing with his sibling. The Australian police and the Child protection and investigation Unit did not buy Arunga’s and the husband’s story and a postmortem confirmed their doubts. The injuries sustained by the child were not consistent with a fall and were very extensive. Quincy was the first suspect and was arrested and charged a week after and now, Arunga is being charged with being an accessory to the murder of their child Sinclair. In typical fashion, Arunga has denied the charges through the family lawyer who also went on to say that they would seek bail for the former TV anchor as soon as was practical but the case does not look to be leaning to Arunga’s favor.


Since the occurrence the two have not even informed their parents about the situation and Arunga’s mother says it has been three years since they said a word to each other. She also went ahead to say that she found out about the demise of her grandson from the media. Timberlake’s mother had the same comments indicating that she did not have a clue that her son was even arrested.

On the bright side, at least we now know that the pair lives in Australia for sure and that it is not another one of those complex and intricate web of lies. We also know that the Australian police is more efficient and now that the two have been charged they might have finally bitten more than they can chew.