Manchester United’s Fortune Could be About to Change

No one actually remembers when Manchester United last won a game in the league. No matter what they do, they seem to be getting better at losing with each passing game. Initially most people thought that no one would be able to outdo the bad start that David Moyes had but LVG has been able to do this in a swift and meticulously easy way. However, their bad run might be coming to an end. Ronaldo could be making a Messiah like landing back to England.

It all started with the departure of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid who was apparently Ronaldo’s confidant and among the best midfielders that the club had. Upon arrival, Di Maria started hinting that the world’s best player’s stay at the Bernabeu was becoming shaky and that he was not happy about how things were going. After Real Madrid also made a move to off-load Xavi Alonso the superstar has now become disgruntled and is more than willing to leave his $470,000 a week salary and head back to England.


Manchester United had made a bid for Ronaldo and had posted their bid at $100 million but Chelsea have also matched that as Mourinho seeks to reunite with his talisman who he managed for a couple of years.

Chelsea is willing to absorb Ronaldo’s hefty salary and pay him what he has been getting at the Spanish giants but Manchester United is willing to do even better than the $100 million and even offer him a better salary as they seem to be grasping at straws and are desperate to win before LVG is given his matching orders.

Despite Manchester offering the player a better deal, the odds seem to be bending in their favor. For starters, Old Trafford is Di Maria’s new home and if he and Ronaldo are as close as Di Maria says, then he will want to be reunited with his buddy and also he had a long stint at Man-U and his departure was not ill intended.

However, he will be coming to a very different Old Trafford from what he left since Ferguson is no longer the manager but the truth of the matter is that he will be coming at a time when the club is in dire need of a player of his caliber and the chemistry that he has with Di Maria could turn the clubs fortunes around and allow them to finally get a taste of success after a very long dry spell.