Ray Rice caught in the act

NFL players are known for their brute force on the field, their pace and who can forget their aggressiveness. It is what gets the people stumbling for tickets to see the guys take hard hits and make some inhuman moves for a touchdown. While this can be mind-blowing on the pitch, it can be devastating if the same force and swiftness is applied to a helpless woman in an elevator. This is what happened Janay Palmer on Valentine’s Day.

CCTV camera’s at the Revel casino caught a glimpse of the Ravens running back spitting and punching his then fiancé who succumbed to the brute force that was packed in the punch and was knocked out. While the incident happened back in February, it was only until this past Monday that the video was released was released on TMZ.com that exposed the turn of events.

In the video, Rice is seen walking into an elevator with his then fiancé (who he later married). The two seem to have a brief argument then Ray seemed to have spit at his fiancé. She then looks to come at him to a very close proximity which within a matter of seconds she realizes was a very wrong move after he lands a hook shot to her face knocking the lights out of her cold! The video then proceeds to show the now suspended NFL star drag the lady out of the elevator and it takes her sometime before she can regain her consciousness. Since the occurrence, Ray has been on a tight leash and a watchful eye and at this point even stepping on a fly could land him in serious trouble. Thus far, he has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL and it is threatening to put the job of the NFL commissioner in the rains if it is proven that he knew of the video earlier than he claimed. He has the National Organization for Women screaming in his ear to resign for trying to cover up the situation and the way he has handled it generally.

Initially, Rice stated that Palmer had had too much to drink and that is why she was unconscious. However, as you can see in the video, Palmer seems as sober as ever as she walks into the elevator and the real reason she was unconscious was revealed by the video. The staffer of the casino that Rice and his now wife were in said that when she regained consciousness the first thing she asked was, “How can you do this to me? I’m the mother of your kid.”