The Big brother Show Goes On!!!


This is one that will get the Big Brother Africa lovers at the edge of their seats. Last time we heard that the Big Brother mansion had been reduced to ashes and as such they did not have a production venue or a place to host the competitors. As usual every one spelt doom for the show and a lot of hearts sunk in the wake of the news being confirmed that Big Brother had actually lost their mansion to a fire. However, the production team did not let this dampen their desire to give the fans what they had waited for, for so long and they embarked in a local and global hunt for a new home for the production of the reality show.

The production of M-net and other partners have confirmed that the show will start within a month! Yes, you had that right, Big Brother Africa season 9 is still on just in case you had made arrangements to be elsewhere you might have to cancel those plans.

This season of the Big Brother has been marred by controversy. This started with the debate as to whether the reality should include participants from the Ebola stricken countries of West Africa. Then, a fire destroyed the mansion that was intended for the competition along with a great deal of equipment that would have been installed in readiness for the reality show that would have by now started.

After overcoming the technical complications and the logistic hurdles, Endemol South Africa which is responsible for the production of the show stated that after all the show will be able to kick off even if it might be a month later.

Finally all Big brother enthusiasts will be able to track the lives of the housemates on a 24 hour basis for the next 91 days and get to see the wrangles, the love triangles, the shower session and the fights that have usually marred the past episodes. Finally there is something that is fun and entertaining that Africa can finally turn its attention to after everything that the continent has been through over the past couple of months.

All that Africa has to do now is hold on their horses, cross their fingers and hope that fate plays to their favor and more so hope that the show that takes the continent by storm will be able to kick off without any hitches as has been the custom. Only time will tell how this plays out.