You Thought the Esther Arunga Saga was over? It Just Became a Blockbuster!


Former journalist Esther Arunga was arrested on Thursday and taken in by the Australian authorities after being culpable for the death of their three year old child Sinclair. All along, we have written about the case but rarely what Esther had to say. On Friday during her bail hearing that was in the Australian magistrate court, Arunga caved in to the pressure and finally gave the investigators a different story and that was one for the books.

According to Arunga who was supposedly living separately from her estranged husband Quincy, the 34 year old punched their kid with a force so strong it would take a grown man out. Apparently this happened as the boy’s father was trying to cast out aliens and demons that were supposedly in the child’s stomach. The child was then thrown backwards and landed at Esther’s feet where he tried to seek shelter.

The impressive novel like story does not end there as Esther’s story further details that the child was thrown in to a wall so hard that he left dents in the wall. These at least explains the dents that the investigators saw at the couple’s home though there is no telling if this is the real reason as to the dents.

After the throwing and punching was done, Esther then took her child who was lifeless at the time and limp. The story takes a rather interesting turn with Quincy’s explanation.

According to Quincy Timberlake, there were alien embryos in the child stomach and it was what he was apparently working hard to get rid of. The prosecutor in charge of the case sergeant Pearson said that Arunga claimed she heard her husband yelling, “Come out! Come out! You blood suckers. Tell Bill Gates no more tests with our child like he did with the Guatemalans.”

Quincy’s story definitely puts the best producers and screen writers in Hollywood to shame. Regardless of the best fiction movie that anyone could have ever watched, you have to agree that it falls short by far of the story that Esther gave. Whether it was true or not, it did enough to get Esther out of the hook and get her released on bail. However, she still has the accessory to murder charge hanging on her head and at this point it is expected that Quincy could be subjected to psychiatric evaluation before the proceedings are able to begin.