Kenyan Rap Phenom, Wangeci, Hanging on to Her Life


The Kenyan roads seem to be taking life without prejudice and Kenya’s budding female rapper Wangeci has been among those that have been scarred by the Kenyan roads. Over the weekend, Wangeci was involved in a grizzly road accident in a Toyota Mark X which she and a friend of hers were in. Unfortunately the friend Tiona Lyssa was unfortunate and succumbed to the injuries sustained in the crash as Wangeci was taken to hospital with severe injuries and is currently in the ICU.

Sources close to her that include Rabbit, the CEO of the Kaka Sungura Empire have confirmed that she has undergone surgery but is still yet to leave the ICU. It is said that Tiona who was a total orphan had contemplated suicide a number of occasions and had on a number of occasions said that despite being 20 years she had had the experiences of a 32 year old woman.

It is not definite who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident but all that we can do is pray and hope that the talent of this one of a kind young lady that had not been matched will not leave us just as soon as it was discovered instead of pointing fingers. Pray for Wangeci to make a quick recovery.