Money May Still Unbeaten


Considered the best pound for pound boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather’s unbeaten run was put to the test again this past Saturday and true to his talent and resilience Money May as he prefers to be called stood up to the challenge packing his opponent Marcos Maidana with constant punches as soon as the bout began.

While most people paid to come and see the fight, there was a variety of things that happened that made the ticket holders thank God that they had purchased the tickets. To begin with Mayweather is a 37 year old guy who likes hanging around dudes that just made an exit from their teenage hood and one of his favorite is embattled Canadian star Justin Beiber. Beiber got to take the champ to the ring and also got a chance to do even better by performing the United States National Anthem.

This was a relief considering that it was a change in the young star since American’s have gotten used to seeing him in the news being arrested for DUI’s and being unruly. For once he was doing something great for his adoptive Nation.

The tit bits of fun and scandal in the fight did not end there. Apparently, Money May at some point in the eighth round exclaimed that he had been bitten by Maidana on the wrist while they were in a clinch at the center of the ring. Maidana in his defense when asked if he had bitten the golden boy asked how he could do that with his mouth piece still on. You have to agree he did put up a very good case. This could have been Floyd’s way of explaining why he did not win the bout in a knock out and had to wait for 12 rounds and a unanimous decision to clinch his $32 million in prize money and retain his super welter and welter titles.

Aside from the entrance antics and Mayweather screaming to the ringside announcers that he had apparently been bitten, the fight was marred by boos from the spectators that were demanding for more action from an otherwise boring fight that had sufficient moments of a standoff. Unlike back in May when Maidana roughed up Mayweather and everyone felt that the scores were unfair, this time Mayweather made sure that there was no room for error and even if he admitted that some of Maidana’s shots fell through, he did enough to make sure that Maidana did not land enough to earn him a third meeting. Now Mayweather is $32 million richer and still unbeaten after 18 years in the practice.