Why He is Stepping Out on Your Marriage


Many marriages and relationships end because of cases of men being unfaithful to their spouse. In many cases, women do not forgive cheating since they believe that the incident is bound to repeat itself. This is true in most cases. However it might be important for women to know why men cheat in order to avoid similar situations in case they move on with someone else. Some of these reasons are discussed below.


One of the things that contribute to men being unfaithful is getting bored. In many marriages after having children, the wife does not give her husband as much attention as she did when they first got married. This may make a man seek comfort from other women. It is therefore important for women to ensure they give their man attention in marriage even after having children.

Due attention

Some women do not take time to look good for their men. For this reason, the men feel like the woman does not pay attention to making them happy. This makes them cheat with women who are more concerned with their looks.

Giving into peer pressure

There are cases where a man gets influenced by his friends to cheat. Most men like to do what their peers are doing. It is therefore very likely to get a man cheating because his mates are doing the same thing.


Many men like experimenting. In most cases they do this on business vacations where they get into relationships with other women to try something new. They do this in distant places where they think their wives or spouses will not find out.

The thrill of cheating

Other men cheat because they get a thrill from it. It makes them explore their wild side. In most cases wives may turn down intimacy but they figure that this is highly unlikely with a stranger who is also looking for the same thing.

It doesn’t really matter

Men think that cheating is harmless. Most of them say that since it’s just “getting some”, it does not have to hurt anyone. This is probably one of the reasons why most men that cheat do not leave their wives for those they cheat with. Most men do not have emotional connection to those they cheat with as is the case with women.

Men are hunters

Men consider themselves hunters. In as much as they have already established that they can hunt by getting a wife, they like to test whether they still have the skills they had back in the day. The only way they can find out is by cheating.