So Who was Tiona Wangeci Really


You may have heard of the weekend accident that sent Kenya’s budding female rapper Wangeci into ICU. What you may not know is the accupants that were with her in the car and more so the one that sadly passed on; Tiona Wangeci. Tiona was a rapper as well though she was not as established as Wangeci. She was also the cousin to renowned mix genius DJ Sadic and last but not least, she was a young and deeply troubled soul.

Not much is known about her life but it is known that she had lost both her parents which made her a total orphan and she had contemplated suicide on a number of occasions as can be seen on her Tumblr page. Prior to her death, she made a post that most people are now seeing as a possible premonition about her untimely death. Here are is one of her last posts that sort of summarized her life and showed a deeply sorrowed young woman who thought the world had nothing to offer her.

tiona tumbler post