10 Reasons Why Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

A good percentage of men nowadays will attest to having the urge to date women who are at least five years younger than they are. Why? As it is with men, they are attracted to pretty younger ladies who are still able to maintain themselves. The kind of lady who still wakes up, dresses to kill, wears make up and by the time they step out of that door, they are a complete package that any man would want to be associated with, but wait men also prove to be more complicated than that!

Here is a list of ten viable reasons:


First, there is that ego boost in men:

Every man wants to feel authoritative around their partners and due to the great age difference, the younger woman ought to have a lot of respect for the man .This is in comparison to the older woman who is probably almost the same age as the man and thus tends to feel less submissive to the man .Younger women hence tend to be totally submissive and thus attract a great deal of older men.

Secondly, long term relationships that probably ended up with a break up or a divorce:

Chances are that the already mature man would feel dating a younger woman would help him recover the lost days of his youth. Take for instance a man who last visited the movies about two decades ago, will obviously be pleased to go back in time, probably watch a twenty-first century movie or two and apparently he will feel like he has already caught up with time.

Generally, women are said to mature faster than men:

This means that for a man that is, say twenty four years old, a woman who is around twenty two years of age is more mature than he is .This would mean the man is less mature than the woman and hence decisions made by the man would tend to be overlooked. It is therefore logical for the man to marry a woman who is much younger than he is.

Financial stability of the men:

Most men with financial security know they have an added monetary advantage since women are in love with financial security. They therefore are doing fun stuff with young pretty women who have flexible schedules and have an open mind in all aspects.

Desire to show the world that he ’still got it’:

Truth be told, dating a younger woman is enough proof that a man, especially an older one still rules the world. In doing so his confidence magically elevates greatly and this, for men can be considered as an automatic ego boost exercise and a good way to outshine among their peers.

Younger women are less demanding compared to their older counterparts:

Men view them as carefree and have less pressure especially on topics such as settling down for marriage. Younger women, according to men, want to have fun with their lives and not cling to serious attitudes like family affairs.

Myths and beliefs effects on the general judgment:

Most of the men think that all older women are the same due to previous relationship experiences which obviously did not end well. For instance if during a previous marriage a man experienced disrespect, he may develop the notion that all older women are disrespectful and therefore, the older man looks for younger woman with the belief that a change is as good as rest.

Younger women are ‘fresher’ compared to older women:

The younger women tend to have an optimistic view of the future compared to an older woman. The older woman has probably been hurt over and over and with time, has become a pessimist. This thus makes the men get interested in the younger optimistic woman instead.

Younger women are generally fun:

As much as a younger woman is fun outdoors, she is also as fun indoors, her explorative nature makes her wants to know and do more when it comes to bedroom affairs and this is obviously a must have for any man out there.

Lastly, dating a younger woman is a source of respect amongst men’s peers:

As mentioned earlier, men who are dating a younger woman tend to show the world they have got it. This means the woman can be viewed as a trophy that the man is lucky to have.