Corazon Kwamboka Reveals Too Much To the General Public


You probably are used to seeing girls in your home town or village with huge voluptuous bums. But it is very rare to find a girl who has the perfect proportion of the hips and waist. Corazon Kwamboka, a Socialite/Model/Lawyer is however a spectacle that many men and also some women love to ogle at.

This is the reason why many people are going crazy over this young lady, from Nigeria to Cape Town to Nairobi. The latest gossip on her is that she has decided to get back on the lime light and with a bang. Games aside. She will be hosting a show that will be aired on TV soon.

However, the thing with being a public figure (a socialite to be precise) is that you do not get as much privacy as you would want. That said, there are photos that will be taken of you showcasing your best moments and others….well, not your very best moments to say the least.

Corazon is the latest victim of inappropriate photos as she is caught unawares adjusting her undies to the side only to reveal too much to the general public.