Is Lilian Muli Up For Grabs?


How many of you watch Citizen news but at the end of it, you can ‘t recall a single thing that made the highlights but you can remember in detail what the anchor was wearing? There are only two anchors that have the ability to make you have that effect and more so for the guys and that is Linda Ogutu and Lilian Muli. While you may never have an opportunity to even get Ogutu on a date, an opportunity may have opened for you now that Muli has finally gone single.

Muli who has in the past been seen with a ring on her finger and in most cases trying hard to make it look very conspicuous. However, lately she has been photographed with a very eminent absence of the ring and this goes to show that she may have finally gotten that much needed break. If there are any guys that think that they stand a chance with Muli, then here is your chance. You may finally be able to watch the news and get something other than what she is wearing.