Mike Tyson Goes Bonkers on a Canadian Reporter

Most people know Mike Tyson for the knock out punches he would hand his opponents back in the day and others might know him for biting his opponent’s ear even though he has since been replaced by Luis Suarez as the biting Champ. That aside, the troubled star who has rehabilitated and now is an entertainer was recently in Canada and was seeking to market his upcoming show known as; Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth. In one of the interviews that he had with the host of the CP24 show in Toronto Nathan Downer, Tyson had a brief premonition of his past and the reporter is lucky he did not get the knock out which was a standard for Tyson.


The scuffle started when the reporter referred to Tyson as a convicted rapist in one of the questions that he was asking the former boxing heavy weight and things took a very quick turn. From there Mike flipped calling the host a piece of sh*t and telling him “f***** you!” a couple of times. From there the champ answered every question with what he thought of the host and you can’t deny we all wanted to see someone go down at the hands of Mike Tyson. That host is one lucky guy. He should have run out to get a lottery with such luck he might have won.

It also shows that whoever was helping Mike rehabilitate must have done a very good job. I mean he didn’t even bite the guy’s ear and he had a pretty nice pair I must say.