Mustafa’s Long List of Lovers


Colonel Mustafa and Marya’s relationship was well documented back in the day. They seemed to be the only couple that had it going for themselves and seemed to be genuinely in love. They even had a song together like Jay-z and Beyoncé do. However, things happened and their once used to be paradise turned sour and each followed their own path in life. While not much has been heard about Marya, Mustafa seems to have failed to get a woman that could fit Marya’s shoes.

We all know that he said he was in love with Hudda Monroe. Yes, really… Hudda! But did you know that since he parted ways with Marya Mustafa has dated over 20 women? We could say it is impressive but it could also be a big problem to the superstar who of late has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons other than his music. 20 women is pretty impressive Mustafa. I wonder if this number is because you’re hot or because you’re desperate. It would be great to get to understand that.