Lupita Goes to Sesame

Last you heard of Lupita, she was jumping from plane to plane, movie to movie just making Kenya proud. While the dust has settled a bit, her efforts to continue making this great nation proud by her charity work and outspoken nature continue. Her beliefs and personality is everything that this country stands for.

Recently, Lupita took a walk down Sesame Street. For those that might not remember, Sesame Street was a Muppet show that used to be aired on TV some time back (The show that had that big yellow bird that was an Ostrich). Now that you have your bearings in order, back to the story. While here, Lupita got to meet the famed Muppet Elmo. The tour did not end there and Lupita went on to seize the opportunity and talk about the importance of one being able to embrace their skin color. This was after Elmo noticed that her skin color was brown. While this is a great message to other young girls out there that might not be comfy with their skin, Vera might not like it all together.