$2 Million Shoes?!? For Real?

There are a number of things that celebrities do to show their financial might. However, Nick Canon smashed that boundary by wearing shoes that are worth 2 million dollars! Yes In case you think you got that wrong, it translates to 178 million shillings and yes all that for shoes!


While it would be easy to say that Nick Canon did this for the cameras since it was at the season finale of the American Idol, it might be far from the case. From experience whenever a guy buys something big, it is because they are trying to make up for something that might make them feel insecure.

In Canon’s case, it could be the fact that he is finding parting from his wife Mariah hard or the fact that he is reaching out for some respect by flashing some financial muscle. This is more so the case considering that Nick Canon is the most disrespected man in Hollywood and he makes money off that. Nevertheless, the shoe is worth $2 million and that is more than enough to earn you respect in this great country.