Shocking!! King of Bling, Kenyan Rapper CMB Prezzo, Exposed as a Dead Beat Dad

At the mention of DEAD BEAT KENYA!! Most irresponsible men in Kenya will duck under the tables and arm themselves with a good story to explain their absence in their children’s lives. The page has become an ideal platform for people that are looking to expose spouses that have absconded their duties as parents and decided that the water is sweeter is on the other side. A quick browse through the page shows a large list of disgruntled women who have had to scour for money to maintain their children while their fathers are away married to other women and globetrotting the world.

As you go on you see more and more women posting until… wait, is that Prezzo’s name in there? Wow! Him too? You have to read this.


Daisy, Prezzo’s or Jackson Makini as she would rather call him who is the ex-wife joined the hundreds of women who have been ranting on the page. She had some of the most amazing things to say about Prezzo and none of them were “BLINGY”.

Apparently since their court case in 2012 in which Prezzo was ordered to pay 50,000 in child support per month, Daisy has not heard from the father of her baby daughter since she was two years old. In her post she said that Prezzo, the self-proclaimed king of bling poses on TV with fake interviews of how well he takes care of his child which according to her is nothing but crap. A piece of her lengthy post goes something like this;

“He goes around on TV and since he is able to hold a mic or have fake written interviews, he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is his princess and he spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees, never paid any dime for her upkeep… all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support (sic),”.

Wow! I wonder what he has to say about this.