Wangeci on the Road to Recovery

Her feature in the Ligi Soo Remix and the single she recently dropped, Attention Shopper, has earned Wangeci a lot of love due to her highly advanced rapping skills even though she is of a tender age. That is why when the news of a gruesome accident that she was involved in broke, there was a lot of concern about her wellbeing and what would be of her career that was already blossoming.


After misguided stories spread throughout the social media like wild fire that Wangeci had passed away, credible sources have come out to strongly dispute that story among them being fellow rapper and mentor Rabbit and producer Kevin Provoke who said that Wangeci was out of ICU and she was recuperating and the same case was with Tewa.

Provoke went on to share on this twitter page that he had visited Wangeci at the Nairobi hospital and spoke with the young Phenom and she was doing okay. His tweet went something like this;

@kevinprovoke, Wangechi better now…talked to her #pray4wangechi he said.

It is believed that the three Wangeci, Tewa and Tionna who are best of friends were heading to an undisclosed location when they experienced a tire burst that might have led to the car losing control and flipping a number of times. The car they were in was a mangled wreck and the three were rushed to the Nairobi hospital where Tionna’s injuries became too much for her body to bear and she passed on. She was the last of her family since it is believed she was an only child and her parents had already passed on.

Despite the sad news, it is worth looking at the bright side Wangeci is doing okay and she will live another day to furnish us with her great music. We only pray that she takes this as a challenge and not a roadblock that she can’t conquer.