IPhone Lover Results to Renting Out his Girlfriend to Afford the New iPhone 6

Just how far would you go to get the latest iPhone 6? Well, however far it is, you probably won’t outdo this young man, when short of change, turned to a rather unusual tactic to raise money just to get his hands on this new bit of technology. In his desperate moments, well…he tried to rent his girlfriend out to the crowd.

Photos of the Shanghai student advertising the offer on campus grounds went viral on the Chinese media with the entrepreneurial mind, offering monthly, daily and even hourly deals to the other iPhone lovers.

The sign read, ‘sharing my girlfriend for pocket money. 500RMB per month, 50RMB daily and 10RMB hourly’. It continued to say, ‘if interested, connect to the personal hotspot ‘WI-FI sharing master’ to check her out’.
A short description and biography of the student was included. He further went on to describe the services included such as having meals together, going on study dates, but strictly no ‘funny business’ allowed.

Please check out page 2 to see the picture of the girl