Caroline Mutoko quitting her position at KISS 100


After making it to the list of the most hated women in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko who also recently lost her sister Regina Mutoko could be calling it a day. To most people and more so the men, this is a long overdue decision for the queen of radio who was quite outspoken with regards to the rights of women and women emancipation. While many might be wishing her some rough times considering how many people do not consider her their favorite, things couldn’t be better for Kiss 100’s star presenter.

Apparently, Mutoko has been offered a better and higher position at Radio Africa which makes it impossible for her to continue doing the Breakfast Show. Lovers of the morning talk show may have to contend with the absence of the highly vocal and controversial Mutoko but as the saying goes, the good news is that she is in a better place. Her unique voice and eloquent linguistical skills are some of the qualities that the air waves will be missing once she starts up on her new job.