Man Accidentally Breaks into Police Station to Sleep


What would one do just to get a place to sleep? Burlington police had one unusual guest visit them in an unusual way. John P. Dettor broke into Shelburne Police station in Burlington, Vermont on a Thursday night. The 59, year old man who is believed to be residing at an apartment in Burlington told police that he thought he was breaking into a school and was looking for a place to sleep.

Dettor used a traffic cone to break into the premises, causing damages worth over $250. Shockingly enough the man pleaded not guilty before Burlington district court when charged with unlawful mischief. According to police Cpl. Jonathan Marcoux, Dettor’s attempt to break into the building at around 11:55 p.m triggered and set off an internal alarm that prompted a lock down. Dettor was found outside the building, and was reported to be hiding behind a bush when police found him.