Riper Faith and Blaqy in “bad blood” after controversial “Money Maker Video”

If you would like to have a look at the epitome of bad music production in Kenya, have a look that the “Money Maker Video” by Blaqy. The video not only highlight how horrible some Kenyan music producers are but how socialites in Kenya are good at making all the wrong decisions. Risper faith (one of the babes showing of a repulsive cellulite twerk) was overheard saying that she didn’t know the end product would have such poor quality. Yes, the video is so bad that even those involved in the making were sickened by it.

A few days ago the duo (Risper Faith and Blaqy) were involved in some financial tussles. Apparently, Risper had run away with most of the earnings of the “Money Maker Video”. Risper had promised to pay back what she owed after her recent hospitalization but hadn’t been true to her word.

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