Vera Sidika Sends a Stern Warning to All Bloggers

There is only so much poking one can take even as a socialite. After being aired on the trend, Vera has been the source of gimmick and admiration in equal portions. However, in the typical nature of Kenyan bloggers, one of them decided to take the poking a bit further by writing a story of Vera’s newly reconstructed bosom and stating that one of her nipples was bleeding. The blogger even went ahead to say that this information was from one of Vera’s close friends. Before we could even go ahead and digest that story and ask questions, the queen of Kenyan social media has hit back with a bang and boy is she mad.

On her Facebook account, Vera warned the blogger that was part and parcel of making the ‘misleading’ story according to her saying she would take them to court. Unlike anything that you had seen or thought of before of her, Vera went on to add some comments in her post that show she must have been quite pissed. A part of her post went something like this;


This was accompanied with a photo showing everything was still larger than ever and very intact.

Please view page 2 for the photo