Kenya Welcomes 2 Chains

For the whole year, we have had to contend with the sickening politics, the MCA’s and other politicians looking out for themselves, Al-shabaab, The ICC not to mention the hardening economy that is threatening to throw all of us into a poverty basket. However, despite all these problems, Kenyans might have just struck gold and might be finally able to put an otherwise down sided year behind them and have an ecstatic finish.


This is after American rapper 2 Chains confirmed that he will be coming to Kenya and more specifically Nairobi on 1st of November. Given the recent happenings at NaxVegas, Kenyans will be having an opportunity to exhibit their newly found talent which is ratchetness and they will be able to do this on the big stage. The coming of 2 Chains has offered all out going Kenyans something that they can get fixated on that is fun and explosive. Kenya welcomes 2 Chains and our catch phrase for his visit should be, “Come and experience ratchetness like nothing you have ever seen.”