Queen of Kenyan Rap back with a Bang!

Kenya’s first lady of hip hop Nazizi is back in the limelight and we have to say, it seems like she never left. After going through an otherwise amicable divorce and finally being able to land on her own two feet, Nazizi has risen back in to the music scene with a track known as ‘254’ which is doing quite well on the airwaves. However, her music isn’t the only new thing we are seeing with Nazizi after her prolonged silence. In a bid to soup up her image and fit in a musical field that has changed since her departure, she has also changed her look.

It is not as drastic as you would expect but she has something going with her hair. She has partly shaved it and retained some of her dreads. Simply put, her new hair style is like a Polo T-shirt. It doesn’t know if it wants to be a shirt or a t-shirt. Nevertheless she has done it and even though most of us may think she is a bit too old to be doing this, you have to keep in mind that you can take Nazizi out of the Swag but you can’t take the Swag out of Nazizi. We welcome back out Queen of rap.