Senior Reporter Uses The F Word And Quits On Air


Talk about drama in the news room. On Sunday night Charlo Greene, a senior reporter with the KTVA- TV’s called it quits on air. Greene had just finished a bulletin on marijuana and the struggle of its legalization and what effect it would have on the medical patients. With no prior warning to the other news crew members or the director; she stated her facts even throwing in a few curse words and stormed off camera.

Greene stated clearly that her exit from air was to focus all her energy on fight for legalization of medical marijuana, and as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, it was a duty to fight for its freedom and survival.

As expected the station tried to save face by stating that the employee contact has been terminated for misconduct. As with Greene many wonder if it’s not a marketing strategy of her club as she had encouraged Alaska cannabis club face book followers to tune in to the Sunday 10pm broadcast prior to her quitting. As this issue of voting on marijuana legalization is intensifying, Greenes’ stunt video broadcast has so far gone viral.

You can view the video below: