Who’s Worthy of Carol’s Position on the Breakfast Show

Over the past year, the best on the radio have been hanging up their microphones and calling it a day. It started with Ciku of Easy FM and now it has caught up with Caroline Mutoko. The good thing is that as much as Carol has called it a day for hosting, she is going for better things at Radio Africa so it is a great step in the right direction for her career. However, the question remains, who will replace the queen of Kenyan radio and take Carol’s position?


Whoever it could be will have quite some large shoes to fill, must have quite the presence on radio and must be highly opinionative. That is quite a hard character for Kiss 100 to find right? Oh, wait, they already have such a guy! Actually not one but two of them. Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo. Yeah! Those are the two people that will be taking on the reins on the morning show and believe it or not, as much as you may think it might be annoying, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to wake up with Shaffie and Kalekye in the morning.