Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Headed for Divorce!

After their intense public display of affection last year, no one would have thought that Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa would have ever split. They seemed meant for each other so much so that they ended up getting a baby boy called Sebastian and later married. However, it seems that trouble has rocked their matrimonial home and if the divorce papers filed by Amber is anything to go by, those troubles are irreconcilable as she cited in her application.


It is rumored that Rose might be having an affair with Mariah Carey’s enstranged husband Nick Cannon whose marriage is also on the rocks. The one thing that has raised dust with regards to Amber’s and Nick Canon’s involvement is the fact that Amber who is a mom and also a 30 year model was recently added into Nick Canons Ncredible Entertainment stable.

According to the papers that were filed by Amber, she wants full custody of their son and we don’t know how this will settle with the soon to be ex-hubby. This might turn out to be quite a juicy story but so far, none of the party’s reps have been available for comment.