Has Huddah Finally Gone soft and Seen the light?

Just some time back, it was virtually impossible for a day to go by without seeing controversial pictures of Huddah on social media. It is this trend that earned her the name the “most desperate socialite ever” and there is no question that she was thirsty for attention. This was more so evident after she posted her unsettling pictures with Mustafa groping at her every body part. Alas! Finally Huddah might have finally seen some light and she could be on the road to maturity and sense.


“I took some time off to make peace with those that I had wronged after not being on social media for quite some time,” said Huddah. These sound like magical words coming from Huddah who in the past would trash anyone that came to within a feet of her ego. However, questions like what happens to all her nude photos that flood the internet remain. Well, Huddah has an answer for that as well. She is going to pay a blogger to remove all those photos since she concedes that she is going to be a mum someday. What she has not put into account is the fact that most of those photos were downloaded and as soon as they are removed they will be uploaded afresh. In any case, we wish her well in her new found maturity and also hope that she can reach out to the likes of Verah and show them the light.