Vera Sidika’s skin lightening procedure may have gone very wrong

Vera Sidika has been very vocal about how she lightened her skin to improve her look. She even went as far as revealing how much it had cost her (this was millions of shilling according to her interview on the trend). The whole process may have been done professionally but something seems to have gone amiss. Some of the photos taken of her recently show a skin pigmentation that is to say the least unnatural.

You can tell from the pics below:


For those who may have thought of going her way, let me outline the dangers of skin lightening so that you get to know what you are getting yourself into. One of the major dangers of most of the processes used in skin lightening is skin thinning. Thin skin is susceptible to bruising, sun burns and cuts. You also heighten your chances of getting skin cancer with thin skin. Another major problem with continuous use of skin lightening procedures is skin irritation. Most people who have used the skin lightening agents such as creams complain about an endless burning sensation on the skin. In some scenarios the irritation is so intense that it causes large blisters on the skin. The most evident side effect from skin lighting is uneven color loss which makes one get a blotchy appearance.
There you have it so if you are thinking about skin lightning, you better give it a second thought.