Is that a Corpse? No! It is Vera’s Face!!

After coming on NTV and boasting about her head to toe skin bleach that cost more than most of us will ever lay our hands on in our entire lives, Vera made most of her enemies then. However, there were those that were happy about her change and needless to say, physically most guys were pretty pleased. Vera went on singing about her expensive additions and for the next few weeks she was very vocal on social media until the hype died out and she went into a cocoon.


This was until someone decided to take an issue with Vera’s boobs indicating that her additions had gone awfully wrong and Vera in her typical diva aura lashed back threatening to take everyone to court. However, it seems whoever came up with that story was actually right. The only problem was, it was her skin not her new twins. Recently, Vera was pictures with very unsightly highlights on her skin. It seems like the oil tycoon finally pulled the plug on Vera’s spending or the well just ran dry.

You would expect that her fellow socialite Huddah would sympathize with her but once Huddah was shown the photo that has been trending on the internet, even the interviewer could not hold back his shock at the words that came out of her mouth.

They went something like this, “Oh my God! Is that a Corpse?” even Huddah couldn’t tell it was her fellow comrade. Perhaps amidst all the changes that have been happening with her, one of them is forgetting those that she was competing for public attention with. Regardless, her shock and awe at the turn of events on Vera’s face was eminent and she went on to even cover her mouth in shock.

It seems Vera might have gotten to the end of her leash and one can’t help but worry how bad this is going to get, what else is going wrong that does not have photos to prove it and ultimately, if she was hosted on NTV again would she give a pep talk this time about embracing one’s skin color and ask for “usaidizi” from wananchi? Well, the only positive side about this whole scenario is that she is still in the limelight either way. That is probably what really matters most to her!