Ebola in The United States, Time To Issue Travel Advisories

Ebola in The United States, Time To Issue Travel Advisories
Months after the biggest Ebola outbreak has been seen in the West Africa countries, Ebola has finally reared its horn in the United States, after the first case has been diagnosed. The unidentified man is said to have travelled from Liberia to the Dallas, Texas on the days of 19th and 20th September. Fear and panic has gripped many who are now wondering how safe and prepared they are.

The reports were confirmed on Tuesday by the centre for disease control and prevention. The man has since been hospitalized in the Presbyterian hospital, Dallas Texas, where he is undergoing treatment in total isolation. However it has been confirmed that the individual did have contact with others who are being looked for.


Security laxity on the part of the airport health officials have been pointed out as to blame for the case as screening of individuals with the travel history of West Africa was not done. This however comes after the US issued travel advisories against other countries. This is ironical in the sense that maybe it’s time it joins the list of unsafe countries.

So far the Ebola outbreak has infected over 6500 people and killed 3091 people according to World Health Organization however medical aid workers are speculating that the number could be higher.