Why Wiz Khalifa and Amber Broke up

Since news about Amber and award winning rapper Khalifa’s divorce broke out, all possibilities of the causes of their break up flooded the internet. Some said Nick Canon had tossed salt in paradise after signing Amber to his modeling Agency N-credible while others suggested that Khalifa’s wavering ways were the result of the break up. However, a credible source has finally come out and is finally clearing the air and shedding some light as to what could have caused the Hollywood glamor couple to split.


According to this source that works closely with Amber and Khalifa, the two had an open relationship from day one. That means that cheating could have never been an issue. However, what was not agreed upon was the direction that Amber’s career was going to take. Khalifa wanted her to be a stay at home mum as he provided for everything while Amber wanted to go out there and compete with Kim Kardashian who stole Kanye from her and watch her bite the dust. Amber was concerned at the publicity that Kim enjoyed during her pregnancy and the support she was getting from Kanye and hoped her relationship with Khalifa would help out but as it turned out, it didn’t.

What pulled the plug on the relationship despite the long standing strain was Khalifa’s decision not to take Amber on one of his tour thereby affirming his needs for Amber to be a stay at home mum while he hunted for the big dollars. But Oh, well as they say whenever you argue with a woman, just know you’ll lose and Khalifa just found that out.