Amidst All the Hating Vera Throws A Birthday Party

Vera has been at the center of criticism for the past few days after photos of her now hideous face surfaced on the internet making her the center of ridicule especially after her boasting of how expensive it was to get her skin lightened. However, turning a blind eye to all the hating going around she decided to throw a massive birthday party that was meant to silence the critics and show people that perhaps she is not as broke as they thought.


Vera’s party which was held at Skyluxx Lounge was primarily ladies affair and you have to say, she did quite well in a short red dress that let her twins who recently had a makeover get a piece of the limelight. The Party was filled with glamor which nothing less than what you would expect from Vera and the crew of stunning ladies that accompanied her. It was a real feast for the eyes of the men that were in the vicinity of the party.