What You Might You Might have Missed on Big Brother Hotshot Premier

300,000USD, that is one thing that almost everyone knows about Big Brother Hotshots. While that might be quite an eye opener, there is more about this big brother edition that should by far surpass your expectations and make you a staunch follower of Africa’s largest reality show.


For starters, you should know that the house (which FYI took only 3 weeks to put together) will be hosting 26 contestants for a shorter period of 63 days. The viewers got a chance to meet each one of the contestants who came out with their best fashion foot forward and they were ready to show their talents and some were impressive while some were just downright disappointing.

It all started with IK’s Cabaret-Style singing and then it was the housemates turn to show Africa why they were about to be the hotshots. It was evident that the house will be having plenty of singers and a number of rappers. However, three housemates stood out and that was our very own Sabina who went for comedy, Tanzania’s Laveda who went for the Saxophone while Ghana’s M’am Bea went for a fashion design approach. For the first time, the housemates were rated by the audience according to their performance and Biggie in his typical mysterious and surprising nature later in the night let them know that the one with the highest marks who in this case was Laveda would be safe and therefore safe from Sunday’s eviction show.

For the viewers whose interest was not picked by the contestants, then Big Brother once more showed his might by landing some of the greatest names in the entertainment industry that included Tanzania’s diamond and Nigeria’s hard hitting and head spinning Davido.

While this may seem like enough, there are a variety of things that will be changing including the immunity vote where viewers will be getting to choose one housemate who will be immune from eviction. That is definitely going to put a spice in an already very tasty show.