Tyler Perry Coming to Kenya


We just found out that 2 Chains; an award winning rapper will be coming to Kenya in November. Before the dust could settle, there is yet another mega star that will be gracing the country in the same month. This will be none other than Tyler Perry. A renowned director, script writer, actor and producer, the heavily talented man will be coming to Kenya not for show but for the Global Leadership Summit that will be held at Valley Road in Nairobi.

What these means is that unlike the 2 Chains scenario where people will get to see him in action, most people will not even know that the shy and mostly self-kept mogul was even in the country. However, it does not mean that he still did not step on the Kenyan soil and considering how great the guy is, it is worth mentioning. Furthermore, you never know, should he decide to meet a few people those that know of the functions whereabouts are the ones that will have the chance. Sorry ladies, but this time seeing Tyler will be quite tricky.