Uhuru Makes Landmark Landing at the Netherlands.


After his noble act that has left every Kenyan singing praises of Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya finally arrived at The Hague for the hearing of his case. While he is not the first person to be charged with crimes against humanity, he is the first ever sitting president to come before the court even though he relinquished his powers to avoid tarnishing the name of the country and his motherland and opted to make it a personal matter.

The turn of events came after the ICC asked him to make an appearance and explain allegations that the government was withholding any evidence against him. However, this has already been refuted vehemently by the current Attorney General who has already been at the court.

The court has said that Uhuru will not be treated any differently and thank God, he does not expect anything different either. It is worth waiting to see how this is going to turn out even though many believe that the ICC is clasping at straws and that they don’t have a case against Mr. Kenyatta.