Disgust as Robert Alai Exposes Nairobi Java’s Incompetency


Robert Alai is known for controversial exposes and this time round he is back at it as he reveals the negligence levels at Nairobi Java Yaya Centre. A client whose identity remains anonymous sent Robert Alai a video of how he was served a salad with a crawling worm in it.

When he tried to complain to the operations manager, he was met by an ignorant attitude. The operations manager didn’t see what the fuss was all about and he instead turned tables on the client claiming he would sue him. Talk of daring souls!

The victim was more irked by the management’s negligence than the creepy worm on his plate. I would actually be twice as pissed; I don’t blame him at all. And that was how he ended up sending in the video which has now gone viral. It is indeed a disgusting ordeal that shouldn’t be experienced by anyone who has paid for services. Food joints and eateries should up their hygiene levels and more so the courtesy levels in their management sections. What a shame!