The US has a New Reason to be Scared!


They might be scaring the pants out of ISIS militants but the US could be having a bigger problem in their hands. Thomas Eric Duncan, a Dallas citizen who had recently travelled to Liberia died in hospital from the Ebola Virus that is making rounds currently. The problem is not that he died of Ebola, the problem is if you have been following this events unfold, America had a purported vaccine and treatment for the condition that was shipped to Liberia for testing but the results of the same were never forth coming.

However, when one of their own got sick, you would have thought the most powerful nation on earth would have pulled all the stops to make him better. Coincidentally, they did! They even gave him some experimental medication (brincidofovir) that is thought to treat a variety of other Viruses together with Ebola but these did not also work.

As such the US does not have anything against Ebola and they may be forced to finally pay attention and seriously track down every one who had contact with the deceased who they had previously cleared.