Chryslers and Hummer Limos: Welcoming a New born in Luo Culture


Born Jayden Cole Otieno, he sure is one of the few lucky, blessed and lavishly pampered babies Nairobi has seen in the recent past. Son to Eric Otieno and Irene Asewe, the new born was treated to a grand welcoming as he was brought home from the hospital.

The convoy that was hired to bring mother and son home was comprised of a sliver Chrysler that carried the video and photography team, a sliver Prado, a Hummer Limousine in which the parents and the baby were and lastly a Range Rover Sport that had friends. The hospital bill alone as Otieno disclosed cost about Ksh.300,000.

There was a photo session, champagne popping and a surprise welcome home party by Otieno’s colleagues. Eric was beyond thrilled by being a dad and he simply wanted to make his son’s homecoming very memorable. Touching indeed! Many people have bashed this act as being that of plain Luo extravagance and unnecessary, my take is; different strokes for different folks. If you can afford it why not? Resting my case!!!

Courtesy of NTV Kenya here is how it all went down.