Kenya’s Sabina Has a Great Start at Big Brother Hotshots


To be honest, most Kenyans thought we had the whackest representation in the BBA house. However, on the premier, our own Sabina went out of her way to prove what most people already know about Kenyans and that is we are Unique and very creative. Unlike the other contestants who chose to sing while they didn’t even have the voice for it, Sabina decided to crack up the ribs of the audience with a standup comedy routine.

Her change of style earned her the votes of many to become the second highest contestant with regards to votes that were being cast by the audience depending on how the audience thought of the performance. Even though her performance sounded more Nigerian than it was Kenyan, no one really cares, she is still Kenyan and we rocked the show just like we always do. With all due respect, it is time the $300,000 came to Kenya and Sabina is the person to bring it in!