Did President Uhuru Re-organize Someone’s face?


So far there are some details that we know about President Uhuru. The first is that he is Kenya’s youngest president by far and also perhaps the best looking of the previous presidents that the country has had. He is also known to be a hype guy and quite technology savvy.

Lately he showed his charisma when he relinquished power to go and attend to certain matters with the ICC. However, while we thought that might have seen it all, he went a step further by showing some guy that he did not need the help of his bodyguards to put him back in line. Upon his arrival back to the country after a highly publicized exit, many people came to receive him but one guy thought that he could lay his hands on him. But woe unto him punches seemed to fly his way and miraculously they seemed to be coming from the president. That must be a big plus.

Here is the video courtesy of KTN Kenya