Redsan Arrested Like A Criminal

Well, it is long since we had a hit from Redsan but it is safe to say that the last 38 hours of his life can be well accounted for. After presenting himself and a couple of other artistes that were schedule to perform at the Nairobi show ground, Redsan and his entourage were barred from entry and were told that the show had been cancelled. They were then trailed by police for close to six hours until they were later arrested at Uhuru highway.


They spent 38 hours at Kilimani police station where Redsan must have been rewriting the lyrics of his famous hit song ‘Kenyan’ in disgust as they were not allowed to talk to anyone and his disappointment was clear when asked about his ordeal by the press. It should not be a miracle if the next hit song that Redsan does is more about the police brutality or even the nature in which they were treated. Luckily it was a mistaken identity.