Understanding the Male Mind….Or Making Attempts Perhaps?


Any woman who has been on the victim end of an affair will tell you that she tried her level best to make things work but the ‘He’ still cheated multiple times no matter what she wore or cooked. In the end these women always leave and then the magic happens. He comes back acting all sorry and lonely. I am quite sure that even our mothers and their mothers too failed to work their way totally through the male mind. All they did after making futile attempts was to accept the outcome and live in consent or is it controlled denial? So you wonder, what have men ever wanted?

A man will bash another female for her body size. How thin or oversize she is, how skimpily dressed she is, how socialites are all over the place and how their daughters will take after Vera Sidika by simply swinging their assets in public and such madness. Meet a ranting man and you will totally side with him since they truly do make sense at that particular time. Meet this same father of two daughters’ later on in a pub or a stripper’s joint with dark alleys and poor lighting and you will simply be surprised. Deep inside he lusts after the same Vera Sidika he was bashing and he will pay that plus size stripper or waitress for a quickie after a few shots of liquor. Is it a plain conflict of interest or some men just don’t know what they want?

A strong woman will be considered bossy and overpowering but a naïve one isn’t interesting either. When a woman decides to preserve herself till marriage and remain single she is playing difficult but if she is open minded she is termed loose. Do men even know what they want any more? Better yet, have they ever?