Did Michael Essien Get Ebola?


At the slightest mention of Ebola or citations of any bleeding, you’re most likely going to see a lot of people starting to cover their mouths and running from the plague that has cost West Africa so many lives. This is why when news broke out that AC Milan player and Ghanaian star Michael Essien had contracted Ebola the internet and news rooms were a buzz. This is more so considering the fact that those that had broken he rumor even indicated that it had been confirmed by the club.

The rumor broke out as Essien was on international duty which further swirled the fact that it might have been true. One of the reports even had the spokesman of AC Milan Ricardo Colli in quotes as having said, “He is a very strong person and the Ebola has been caught in the early stages. He’s in expert hands so he should be fine.” This caused a stir but it was not long after than the club and Essien himself ruled out the rumor and the latter even went on to even post a recent photo of himself to show just how great he was.