Why Does Tanzanian Music Always Outshine Kenyan Music


For a long time, Kenyans have been fixated on Bong Flava more than their version of the same be it genge or Kapuka. In a bid to salvage the shame, Muthoni Drama Queen pointed out in a recent event that the reason as to why Tanzanian music is doing great is because they are sponsored by drug barons who then control the artiste. Form this statement some concerned artist who will remain anonymous did some good research came up with a post that made much more sense.

In Tanzania, the success of one musician is the success of the whole artiste fraternity. They help and support each other which is something that is unheard off in Kenya. In Kenya a good number of hard hitting artists actually don’t interact or met with each other but in Tanzania before a new song is released all other established artists market the song and make sure that there is no way that the song flops. In Kenya, you go solo as the others try to pull you down. That is why Kenyan musicians are and will continue earning peanuts. The post did shed a lot of light and to some extent this is the wound that has been eating at Kenya’s entertainment industry and the cure does not seem to be forthcoming.